Torna (è la seconda edizione) INTERNATIONAL POETRY COMPETITION “SEEKING FOR A POEM”, il concorso di poesia internazionale ideato dall’amico poeta di Sarajevo, già ospite della “stanza del poeta” a Gaeta l’anno scorso, Sabahudin Hadzialic.

Il concorso ha semplici modalità di partecipazione che si trovano (anche in Facebook) in rete.
DIOGEN e SEEKING FOR A POEM sono i riferimenti.
Buona partecipazione a tutti!



International Poetry Competition “SEEKING FOR A POEM”

You are invited to submit a poem for the International Poetry Competition “SEEKING FOR A POEM”, organized by the Association’ La Stanza del Poeta’ from Formia/Gaeta

(Italy) and DIOGEN pro culture magazine from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Please read ‘How to Guide’ bellow.

Step One

(1) Submit one poem of your choice and your short Biography, including your photo (color and/or black-white, 300 dpi, format 1200 x 800 pixels) by 30/11/2012. Submission should be sent to    

. The results will be published by 31/1/2013.

 Please note that you are required to provide a valid email address. All communications with you will be exclusively in writing and via email. It is important that you keep your

email address valid and active during the selection process so that we can communicate with you.

Step Two

(2) Your poem will be evaluated by our judges: poets Giuseppe Napolitano from Italy and  Sabahudin Hadžialić from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Having read and assessed your poem, the judges will make a decision to either publish it or decline publication.

 Step Three

 (3) The poems selected for publication will be uploaded on the competition website and the top three poems will be announced. All contestants are invited to visit the website and

review the results.

 Step Four

 (4) The top three poems will be also announced on web site of the Association’ La Stanza  del Poeta ‘ and DIOGEN pro culture magazine and published in the annual DIOGEN pro  

culture magazine No. 3. edition in March 2013.

 The one who won the first place will get CD with all issues in pdf. format of DIOGEN pro art magazine (25); DIOGEN pro culture magazine (2) and DIOGEN pro youth magazine 

Each winner will be presented with the opportunity to publish 20 poems of their choice in the third annual edition of DIOGEN pro culture magazine.

Each winner will get adequate certificate as it was back in 2011:

Each winner will get as a gift 30 different poetry books from the poets from all around the world until summer 2013.

We would like to thank you in advance for your devotion to the development of creative writing endeavors

Additional Contest Information

Who is Eligible?

Poets of all ages are eligible and all styles of poetry are acceptable.

How and When to Submit?

We ask that you submit your writings by November 30, 2012. Submissions are accepted via email to

Submission Requirements

Poems must be original works.

Poems should be submitted ONLY in English, or the English translation must accompany the original.

The poet’s full name and email address must be provided.

The poet must be able to be notified via email if their poem has been selected for publication.


The judges will be looking for originality, rhythm, rhymes, and audience appeal.

The judges will be looking for poet’s passion about the subject topic of the poem or a novel approach to every day topics. 





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